Digital Dreidel is perfect in a pinch! Say you forgot your real wooden dreidel at home--not a problem! Just pull out your phone or other mobile device and you're ready to go with this electronic substitute. This 3D dreidel is also great for places where real spinning tops don't fare well, such as in a car while driving, on a plane, or anywhere that's without a stable, hard surface needed for traditional top spinning. Digital Dreidel can be played silently or with fun music and sound effects. Includes a beautifully rendered 3D dreidel with motion-blur and sound effects that capture the feel of the real thing.

Spin the dreidel over and over, learn the rules, enjoy the classic holiday game, and meet your new friend Gilli Fishel. Spin and stop at a fast pace or keep the dreidel spinning forever and pretend it's your totem. It's up to you. Play this fun Jewish game of chance this Chanukah or any time you'd like.

Remember, you can spin a dreidel anytime, anywhere on your Android phone! So, grab some delicious Hanukkah chocolate gelt as well as some friends and get to playing today!

The Rules:

Have each player grab a handful of pennies, chocolate coins, raisins, dry beans, nuts, or similarly small item. Count whatever tokens you decide to use and make sure each player has an equal, even number in their piles. Each player puts two tokens in at the start of each match. Take turns spinning the dreidel. Stop the dreidel anytime and it will display one of the following (see meanings below):

נ (Nun): "Nothing" - If the dreidel lands on נ, you do nothing. Next player spins.

ג (Gimel): "All" - If the dreidel lands on ג, you take the entire pot. Players put in two new tokens each and the next round starts. Next player spins.

ה (He): "Half" - If the dreidel lands on ה, you take half the pot. If remaining number in pot is odd, make it even by taking one extra token. Next player spins.

ש (Shin): "Put in" - If the dreidel lands on ש, put one or more tokens in. Next player spins.

Play to your satisfaction or until one player has all the tokens. Good luck and have fun!

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