Meet Felipe Femur, a skeleton, who lives in a closet. Sometimes, through the ages, his cozy closet begins to feel more like a cold, dead island of loneliness, so he needs to get out and see friends. Join Felipe on his quest to slay boredom and find happiness. Read along as he learns something new about himself, meets interesting friends, and participates in a challenging game of risk and reward. Dodge ghosts and tumbleweeds, as well as gravestones. Discover several fun locations, including a beach, a creepy forest, a graveyard, a sea grotto, a crescent moon house, and a not so eerie forest, all while trying to get the highest score you can in this not so endless runner.

Designed for children to improve their interest in reading using bedtime stories, Felipe Femur serves as a perfect substitute for bed time stories in our modern age of technology. Adults, namely teachers, may also read it to kids in the classroom. Parents, you can read it wherever you'd like to whoever you'd like, completely free! It's perfect for Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos), and a sequel about the Day of the Dead will be coming soon, as well as the Halloween Campfire Stories out now. Felipe Femur is particularly great for Halloween (All Hallows Eve/ All Saint's Eve) with its cast of characters, including a hungry werewolf, a sun loving vampire, a friendly witch, and of course a lovable, running skeleton.

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