Felipe Femur the skeleton is on a road trip with some of his monstrous best friends… and Joe Miller. Runny the witch, Sunny the sun-loving vampire, Gummy the toothless werewolf, and Melody the mute Banshee with her musical crab, Choral, are traveling with Felipe in his RV and they all hope to see what the west coast mortal world has to offer. Joe Miller has been invited as he's the most down -to-earth, average guy that the rest of the crew knows, and they had hoped he might serve as a sort of a tour guide. Plus the guy can pitch in for gas and snacks.

Take part in the adventure by reading the postcards Felipe sends on his travels with his skeleton crew. Start in Nevada and follow along as the gang make their way to California and beyond towards Roswell, New Mexico. Maybe Felipe will find an alien in his travels. How cool would that be? ET (extraterrestrials) have always been an interest of his, after all. An alien friend would be great!

The app provides great fun for kids and parents alike, and encourages reading. Link to more free postcard stories at the free Felipe Femur & Friends website. Learn more about the characters on this RV adventure by checking out the character tab, and find more fun on the website!


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