With the clear and present danger of the holiday season—cut throat shoppers, deadlines, monsters—one can never be too prepared. Stock up on swords, boomerangs, and weaponized yo-yos this holiday season as you wage battle against the dangers presented to you in gift form: killer spiders, xmas gingerbread men, gnomes, goblin kings, combative fruit cakes, and of course the fearsome Krampus. Strategize as you fight your way to victory on the score boards. Collect weapon stats or sell them for precious gold, being sure you're always strong enough to defeat an endless stream of enemies.

Krampus is coming with his army of Christmas minions. In Present Danger you must search through piles of presents to arm yourself with gifted weapons and armor in preparation of Krampus' grand entrance. Feast on food to boost your health, collect weapons to increase your damage output, don ugly sweaters and chainmail to bolster your defense, or sell everything and watch your pile of gold grow. Perhaps you'll get lucky and come across a golden nutcracker from Santa to boost all your stats, or maybe you'll be so unlucky as to come across a golden Dale plushie from the loathsome Dale the Salesman and have to make the choice between losing a chunk of your compiled gold or your fine tuned stats. Part luck, part strategy, Present Danger presents unique game play, a holiday theme, and a little bit of Krampus to cramp your style with surprise visits. Play again and again and have lots of holiday fun!

Collect weapons of increasing damage including yo-yos, slings, dreidel tops, maracas, cork guns, toy swords, snowflake shurikens, boomerangs, snow globe hammers, wreaths, 'Tis the season swords, candy scythes, Ax-mas axes, and eight crazy spikes menorahs. Suit up with armor and shields including sombreros, ponchos, knitted socks, gingerbread aegis, cauldron helmets, season's greave-ings leg armor, ugly sweaters, Christmas chainmail, December defenders, and sled shields. Feast on candy canes, x-mas turkey, pumpkin pie, peppermints, mistletoe, frosted fruitcakes and much more. Prepare yourself and fill your pockets.

There's no time like the present to have some fun!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorZebraFox Games
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsChristmas, gift, holiday, kids, krampus, present, santa

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